Hello Patriots,

I’m in this conservative fight with you. I am consistently working on pushing out consistent and relevant information regarding policy and how the political structure works.

We must have a basic understanding of local, state, and federal politics. I believe if we are informed we can make honest and educated decisions about our values as conservatives. Being a conservative my whole life, but growing up my family and friends who vote Democrat in minority communities, I understand the need for a strong foundation in those communities the Democrats have sold a big, giant lie to. This is why I took action running against a corrupt individual in my district like Maxine Waters. I learned it’s a priority to educate and inform my constituents that we have options.

I have been focused on starting the United Latino Foundation to bring balance to conservative Hispanics and bring a voice to those who don’t vote our way. We need to get to work. I need you and can’t do this on my own. With your pledge I can truly fight.


Omar Navarro