5 Tips for Better Searchability and Conversion on Amazon

There are so many strategies and techniques out there about how to increase your Amazon sales and conversions. Here are 5 essential suggestions to increase your visibility and searchability on Amazon.

Listing SEO

Amazon’s A9 algorithm reads and indexes all of the content in your listing, including the title, bullet points, product description, and backend keywords. Indexing means that the algorithm is storing the unique words in your listing so if a buyer is searching with a word that is in your content, your listing is more likely to show up on the SERP (search engine result page).

That’s why listing SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to when trying to increase searchability. Carefully chosen keywords can improve visibility. Rather than keyword stuffing, write content that is readable and contains relevant high-ranking keywords.

Remember to always write to the reader or shopper, not the algorithm.

Sponsored Ads

Amazon offers Sponsored Products, which are pay-per-click (PPC) ads based on keywords that drive traffic to a specific product’s detail page. Sponsored product ads can help you increase your visibility and sales by displaying your ad in searches related to your product.

Amazon recognizes sponsored ads as organic traffic, meaning sponsored ad sales contribute equally to a listing’s SERP rank.

Sellers place bids on relevant keywords. If your bid wins and the ad matches the search, your ad will be shown on the SERP. Your ad could also show up on product detail pages.

When a buyer clicks on your ad, they will be lead to the detail page of your product.

Product Photos

Product photography is essential when converting clicks to sales. After all, photos are the first thing consumers see when looking at a listing. Product photography helps to establish the look and feel of your brand. Most consumers shop using photos, not product descriptions. They want to see the product and imagine it in their lives.

Studio images should accurately depict the product, inviting consumers to click to view the detail page. These studio shots should be used to highlight what the customer is getting in their package.

Lifestyle images allow for more creativity. This freedom allows you to target a specific audience. It also allows you to show off the product in “real life.” This can help shoppers imagine what their life would be like with your product.

Product Videos

While videography does not directly factor into Amazon’s A9 algorithm, it does lead to higher conversion rates. Shoppers are more likely to engage in a video rather than a static photo. Product videos help shoppers get a better feeling or understanding of the product.

Videography can also help drive external traffic from your social media profiles (especially Instagram and Facebook) or website to your Amazon listings. After experiencing the feeling of your product and brand, shoppers are more likely to make a purchase.

Product Infographics

Infographics allow you to highlight your written content alongside your photography. For example, you can highlight the dimensions or materials of your product. You should also highlight the uses of your product. By doing this, you’re providing essential information at a glance so that shoppers don’t have to read all of your content.

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