How Amazon Product Monitoring Can Help Easily Scale Your eCom Business

Amazon Product Monitoring Tools to Grow Your Business

You’ve found the right product, the right vendor, and the right market. Heck, you’ve even managed successful product launches to really drive some SEO juice and revenue. But you haven’t really been able to see significant gains in quite a few months. 

If this is you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s a common issue plaguing FBA sellers every day.

If your existing and established eCommerce business has hit a plateau, you need to take the necessary steps to grow and move your enterprise into the future.

But before stepping into the strategy portion of your growth plan, let’s dive into how tech, specifically an Amazon product monitoring tool, can help you scale.

Using Amazon Seller Tools as a Growth Solution

If you’re thinking of scaling your eCom business without leveraging the various Amazon seller tools available in the market, you’re going about it the wrong way. Tech allows you to do more with less. By using the right tools for your eCom business, you can boost your profitability, motivate your employees, and gain an edge over your competitors.

An Amazon seller tool can help automate business processes that would otherwise take multiple headcounts to perform. By lowering the time and effort spent on such tasks, the workforce can be redirected to high-value activities.

At the time of scaling your business, you must redirect your employees to focus on strategic tasks that have long-term business development impact rather than go about manual, day-to-day tasks.  Using an Amazon seller tool in your scaling process will also help you gain a more in-depth insight into your Amazon store, your eCom business growing needs, and what you can do to best address them. 

4 Ways Amazon Product Monitoring Helps You Scale Your Store

As an Amazon seller, you’ve got a lot of different things to keep track of: inventory, pricing, customer service, account health, and advertising just to name a few. Some of these tasks are strategic based, so it’s important to have an automated tool in place. This is how a third party tool that provides 24/7 Amazon Product Monitoring can make a huge difference in staying on top of your Amazon listings and revenue.

This tool monitors important changes to your products and listings around the clock so that you don’t have to. You will be notified as soon as something changes so that you can deal with it right away or at your earliest convenience. 

You can easily set up Amazon alerts that notify you in real time of any changes, 

Here are four ways Amazon product monitoring is essential for scaling your online marketplace.

1. Product Review & Seller Feedback Management

According to Dimensional Research, an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influence buying decisions, while 86 percent said buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews. Given consumer insights into social credibility, it’s important that review management is a part of your short and long term success.

Amazon product review monitoring allows you to monitor and respond to any review. You can receive instant Amazon review notifications when you receive new product reviews, empowering you to expand your business by quickly responding to all Amazon product reviews and resolving issues in a timely fashion.

With FeedbackWhiz’s Product Monitoring, you can set email notifications for when you receive a new product review. You can customize these notifications to alert you only when you receive a negative or neutral review, or you can have them come in when a customer leaves a positive product review as well.

2. Protect Your Brand With Hijacker Alerts

The most common type of Amazon listing hijacking is when another seller hops on your product listing and begins selling a knock-off of your product. Multiple sellers on established SKUs from popular brands are quite common, but if you have a unique brand and product, you should be the only seller of it unless you gave permission to another seller to purchase from you wholesale for reselling. 

The presence of another unauthorized seller on your unique brand is usually a sign that your product listing is being hijacked. If left unchecked, Amazon listing hijackers can do some serious damage to your product listing and brand reputation. A proper product monitoring tool will notify you any time that another seller jumps on or off of your listing so that you can take the appropriate steps to thwart hijacker activity.

3. Amazon Listing Title Changes

Another type of listing hijacking is when another seller, acting as a seller of your product, changes the listing title and details about your product. This can affect sellers of both unique products and of shared SKUs as an inaccurate product listing will create confusion for potential buyers. 

However, sometimes Amazon will randomly change the bullet points in your listing WITHOUT your permission. This can be extremely frustrating, as any Amazon seller will tell you.

This surely can affect your sales and revenue, without you even knowing it! It’s important to routinely check your Amazon listings to ensure there has been no changes to price, weight, name, description – pretty much everything is on par with you and your customers’ expectations.

Rather than spending much needed time scraping all the data across all your listings, why not let an Amazon product monitoring tool automate that process for you?

4. Custom Notifications For YOUR Business

Here’s where the power of an Amazon product monitoring tool really flexes its tech muscle.

Your eCom business is successful because, quite frankly, of you. Only you and your team know the right KPIs, goals, and metrics you need to hit to sustain and scale your business. So, don’t you need a tool that helps you accomplish your business goals instead of one that dictates what goals are right for your business?

Let’s say one of your best-selling products suddenly starts seeing a drop in sales or revenue. And let’s say you run that report monthly or even weekly. Inevitably, any delay in reporting can cause you to lose revenue. You’ll want to play a prevent defense with a proper Amazon product listing notification so you can get notified immediately of any price or revenue changes that may hurt your businesses’ bottom line.

From profits to revenue margins to Best Seller Rank, FeedbackWhiz’s Alerts Insight grants you and your team the power to set what you get notified of in real time. You can even set up subscription notifications so that only certain members of your team will receive Amazon alerts. Talk about (custom) efficiency!!

The most efficient way to scale your business is with the right tools and tech so you and your staff can focus on strategic objectives rather than tedious and time-consuming tasks that can easily automate the processes. Give FeedbackWhiz a try today for your business with a 30 day free trial.

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