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Flexible funding for eCommerce

Get approved today, use your line when you need it. Be ready for any opportunity.

– Withdraw funds at any time – fast.
– Only pay when you use it.
– No origination, prepayment or maintenance fees.


5 star reviews for Payability Advance Line

Minimum annual sales requirement of $500,000. Don’t quite meet the requirements or looking for a more traditional capital advance? Check out Payability Instant Advance.

New Advance Line Offer

Financing that’s there when you need it

Apply now and get capital in as soon as one business day.

Purchase additional inventory at scale
Spend more on marketing to drive sales
Cover out-of-the-blue purchases

How It Works

You never know when opportunities might arise for your brand. Be ready for anything with Advance Line.

advance line for inventory purchases
Only pay for what you use

Only pay a fee on the portion you draw down. There are no maintenance fees, application fees, or unused capital fees. Advance Line is there when you need it.

Repay with a fixed percentage of sales

You repay a fixed percentage, not a fixed rate. That means that you’ll pay less on slow days and more on days when you make more sales.

Pay less with a rebate for early repayment

While some financing solutions charge extra for early repayment, we reward it. Pay a lower overall cost when you pay off Advance Line withdrawals early.

Maintain your ownership and total control

Get the funding you need without giving up any equity or taking on any long-term debt. Plus, your Advance Line will grow as your business does.



Frequently asked questions about Payability’s Advance Line.

What are the qualifications
for Advance Line?

In order to qualify for Advance Line, your Shopify or Amazon business must be doing $500,000+ in annual sales.

Are there any additional
fees with Advance Line?

No, there are no maintenance fees, application fees, or unused capital fees with Advance Line. Only pay a fee on the portion you withdraw.

Will my Advance Line
limit change?

It can. Your Advance Line limit is based on your business’ performance, which Payability reviews regularly, and will grow as your business grows.

Is Advance Line similar
to a line of credit?

While Advance Line is not a line of credit, when approved you are able to draw down portions of your Advance Line when needed.

Can I send money outside
the United States?

Yes! We offer global payments to 180 countries in 38 currencies.

Get funded today and take your business to the next level with Payability’s Advance Line.