Get Funded Instantly: The Future Is Now for Amazon Sellers


Technology keeps making everything faster, even instantaneous. Thankfully for the Amazon seller, this trend is now reaching into the realm of small business funding. (Think inventory financing, working capital for digital ads, and having cash-on-hand for sudden opportunities.)

You know how hard it can be to get funding from a traditional source, not to mention the drawbacks and strings attached. And all you really need is quick capital to spend on inventory and marketing. 

Well, now, thanks to technology, specifically API connections (basically a connection that lets other platforms talk to Amazon’s), sellers using marketplaces like Amazon can get funding fast simply by connecting their marketplace account to a company like Payability that provides access to fast funding based on API connection.

How Fast Funding Can Work

Here’s how it works at Payability: we quickly review your Amazon sales history via an API connection and then give you a funding offer based on that review. Any seller with over $10k in monthly sales qualifies instantly to get 80% of their Amazon payout (and account level reserve) on a daily basis. 

See Fast Funding Options for Your Amazon Business in Minutes

It’s that easy, and with Payability, you can be sure that you’ll always have cash-on-hand to take advantage of big opportunities. We are pioneers in the field of fast funding, providing over $5 billion in growth capital based on API connections since 2015.

Here’s why API-based fast funding from Payability is a better option than the rest when it comes to fast funding for sellers like you:

Why Amazon Sellers Should Skip the Bank

You’ve probably tried to work with banks before. They move slowly (much slower than the average Amazon seller), and they often don’t understand the eCommerce business. As an Amazon seller and eCommerce entrepreneur, you know that opportunities can come and go in a flash. You need a funding solution that can move as fast as your business does. Doing your due diligence, submitting a ton of paperwork, then waiting weeks on end to get funded by the bank probably isn’t the optimal solution for you. Interested in SMB

The Ups (and Big Downs) of Using A Credit Card for Your Amazon Business

You might have considered using credit cards to get the funding you need. Credit cards definitely give you access to fast funding to help boost your business. With a credit card, you could buy more inventory, launch more digital ads, and keep your business moving and growing. 

But there’s a downside to using credit cards – not only do they come with hefty interest rates, they can also lead to personal debt and impact your credit score, which can lead to, among other issues, problems securing housing. Bottom line: you don’t want your personal finances to be at risk if your business hits a rough patch. And they could be with heavy business spending on a credit card.

Does Funding From Outside Investors Make Sense for Your Business?

If your business is booming right now, you may be fielding offers from venture capitalists and other investors to inject capital into your company. Don’t get us wrong: this type of funding can definitely help you scale your business quickly. But, this can also come with downsides. When you take on investors, they will want a say in how your business is run. They may also want partial ownership of your company – something that you may not be comfortable with, especially if, like most sellers, you are a self-starter. When it comes to this funding option, it’s up to you. But most self-starting eCommerce entrepreneurs probably don’t want to give up ownership in a growing, successful company.

Putting Personal Savings Into Your Business

One last option is to use your personal savings. This definitely won’t lead to any debt, and you’ll still retain full ownership of your company. But this could put a strain on your personal finances – not something that we would recommend if you’re already putting everything you can into growing your business!

Why API-Based Funding Makes the Most Sense for Amazon Sellers

The bottom line is this: API-based funding from a company like Payability probably makes more sense for your business than any other outside funding option available. The others have drawbacks when it comes to speed, effectiveness, and impacts on your personal finances. Payability on the other hand is fast and easy.

Unlock Your Account Level Reserve. Always Have Cash-On-Hand. Get Started with Payability Today.

Are There Drawbacks? 

Some sellers express concern over the API connection part of the Payability process. We get it: Your Amazon seller account is your baby, your lifeblood. It contains very sensitive information about your business. We understand all of that.

That’s why we take as light a touch as possible when it comes to your Amazon account. Once you provide us access to your account, we only look at your sales history so that we can give you the best possible funding offer—nothing else.

We don’t retain that data, sell it, or do anything else but use it to provide you with fast funding at a level that will help you grow your business. 

Tens of thousands of sellers like you have used our program. Many of them expressed concerns at first about the API connection, but have since used our program to grow their businesses exponentially. Plus, they’ve given us hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Why Fast Funding Just Makes Sense for Amazon Sellers

Here’s what it comes down to: Once you’ve taken a few minutes to connect your Amazon account to Payability, you’ll see funding options for your business instantly. It’s that simple.

It really is a better way for Amazon sellers like you. With Payability, you always have cash-on-hand to re-up on inventory, invest in new products, and keep your business going. New opportunities arise? Make sure you have the cash-on-hand necessary to take advantage. If you’re looking for fast, easy funding that won’t put your personal finances at risk, look no further than Payability.

Get started with Payability now. Always have cash-on-hand to buy more inventory. 

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