We help eCommerce sellers grow their businesses

Payability empowers eCommerce sellers with flexible funding and tailored cash flow solutions. Since our founding in 2015, we’ve helped thousands of eCommerce sellers scale their businesses by providing over $5 billion in funding.

Why Payability

Entrepreneurship is changing, especially in eCommerce. Small businesses increasingly rely on marketplaces run by huge companies like Amazon and Walmart.com to sell their products. But getting paid out in full by those companies for sales can take weeks, even months. Receivables are coming in later and later, but payables are due weekly, daily, or even hourly for some sellers. And that’s just to stay afloat.

Marketplace sellers don’t have time to wait if they want to expand quickly. They need cash flow to buy more inventory, launch new products, and get the best possible deals from suppliers. That’s where Payability comes in. We provide capital based on eCommerce sales with our Instant Access and Instant Advance products. Our goal is fast, friction-free funding for every eCommerce entrepreneur, no matter what marketplace they’re selling on.

Who we are

We’re a dynamic, growing team based in New York City focused on supporting eCommerce sellers. Call us at 646-494-8675 (Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm EST) to talk to one of our awesome team members about Payability. In addition, we’re always looking for talented people to join the team and help us fulfill our mission of bringing friction-free funding to small businesses and entrepreneurs. See our Careers page.

What we believe in

Core Value Trust

Payability consists of a group of diverse individuals who have come together as a passionate team that trades in the currency of trust.

Core Value Engagement

At Payability, we measure give-a-shit on a zero to one scale, and everyone on the team must be a one on that scale.

Core Value Community

We believe in fostering and building a community with each other and our customers. Whenever our customers succeed, our entire community benefits.

Senior Leadership Team

Keith Smith


Deidre Hudson, Chief Marketing Officer
Deidre Hudson


Gregor Siwinski

Chief Technology Officer

Maya Pochiraju, Chief Product Officer
Maya Pochiraju

Chief Product Officer

Michael Fortugno

VP Finance

Anas Sohail, VP of Sales
Anas Sohail

VP and Head of Sales

Alex DiPaola

Head of Risk

Board of Directors

Scott Lynn, Chairman and Founder
Scott Lynn


Keith Smith


Ellen Levy, Board of Directors
Ellen Levy

Board Member

Andy Sack, Board of Directors
Andy Sack

Board Member